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Welcome to St. Joseph Silver Beach Hotel

Experience the Very Best at Silver Beach Hotel. The Silver Beach Hotel flaunts a “relaxation type style” fusion of beauty and Historic influences. The hotel combines beachfront elegance with unique amenities for the premier St. Joseph, Michigan, Beach luxury hotel experience. Our customer service exemplifies a stress free stay.

Step into a universe where its pleasure revolves around your comfort. Rejuvenate with cultural spa experiences merging contemporary living. Experience our spacious room with captivating views of the coast and design blends of luxury and ease. Savour bespoke cooking at Currant, an ocean-to-table eatery that serves perfectly masterful cuisine with local, fresh, and seasonal ingredients. Relax in our infinite beachside pools or partake in special beach-centered events. Whether you are taking a break for an incredible holiday or a family holiday or relaxation weekend, at Silver Beach Hotel, we offer an escape, not just a holiday experience.

Complimentary Fresh Hot Breakfast

ST. Joseph Silver beach hotel is committed to your enjoyment and pleasant stay experience. We’re giving you all that you need during your stay so you’ll leave feeling REFRESHED and ready for a successful journey ahead. Start your morning off right with our full American breakfast with waffles that melt in your mouth…